Ttcing Timeline

Here is what we have been up to:

  • For past 3 years talking about our family, how we will create it, when we will create it and how much we look forward to having some babies
  • Fall 06 – a civil union. Around this time decide that L will carry a baby first because she has PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • August 07 – the purchase of some sperm, L starts going to the RE more often
  • September 07 – more sperm purchased
  • November 07 – this is our 1st cycle – we go to RE many times and start testing around Thanksgiving.
  • End of November 07 – L is about to ovulate, AND RE sees cyst she has not seen before that is very large and she feels uncomfortable doing an IUI without knowing exactly what it is.
  • December 07- L has many visits with the magic wand, and a Cat-scan. Then we visit the scary cancer surgeon (who is ironically so very nice) and she thinks the grapefruit sized cyst must come out. So we schedule the surgery for the end of December.
  • End of December 07 – surgery is rescheduled because of hospital needs
  • January 08 – surgery – overall not a favorite experience for either of us, but no cancer!!!! AND we can start Ttcing after L gets her period
  • Feburary 08 – L gets her period
  • March 08 – There are no signs of ovulation for a very long time and so L takes provera to jump-start a cycle and after her period begins clomid.
  • April 08 – on a 50 mg clomid cycle L does not ovulate so she starts to take provera again to start a clomid cycle with 100 mg
  • Early May 08 – L ovulates with 100mg, does a HCG trigger, and 2 IUI’s –
  • May 16, 08 – BFN
  • Early June 08 – L ovulates with 100mg of Clomid, two follicles, an HCG trigger and then 2 IUI’s
  • June 18, 08 – BFN
  • Early July – L ovulates with 150mg of Clomid, there is one big follicle,  L ovulates on her own and 2 IUI’s are done
  • July 21, 08 – BFN
  • End of July – HSG – so so painful, but I am clear to go with the only problem being some scar tissue on my left tube
  • August 08 – L was Gonal-F for about 15 days.   The dose was low in the beginning but inched up to 150 towards the end.
  • August 29 and 30 – Insemination days
  • September 11, 2008 – BFP  – we were so happy but were a bit concerned because the HCG level was too low.  We went back for many blood tests and it doubled – it was not until the very end of September that we felt ready to celebrate the pregnancy.

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