TWW #2

I have had a really hard time finding time to post so I am late in saying that we are in the throes of TWW #2.  L finally got her LH surge on Saturday morning, which was CD 20.  She called the hospital and found out they could see us that morning.  We changed out of pajamas as fast as we could and raced down to the hospital.  Unlike last time, the nurse was really friendly and nice.  It was an easy appointment, but no ultrasound, as I had feared. 

Afterward we went into a small town nearby for coffee and muffins and noticed an antique train pull into the station, which is right down town.  J loves trains so we decided to go take a look.  First we saw a huge old steam engine and as we approached J said, “Beautiful” in a hushed town.  He was totally awed.  We then saw that there were 2 hour “leaf-peeping” train rides and we decided, on the spur of the moment, to jump on board.  There were many families on the train who had obviously planned ahead and had picnic lunches and the like.  We realized once aboard that we didn’t even have an extra diaper.  So like us.  Luckily, everything worked out on that front.  J was really excited and loved the train ride until he fell fast asleep 45 minutes in.  Train rides are very relaxing, after all.  For the rest of the trip L and talked and took in the beautiful scenery.  It was the perfect thing to do after an insem.

L started prog.esterone on Monday and now we wait.  We are undecided about when we will test.  As it always seems, this first week has gone pretty fast, so I assume next week will drag by.  Here’s hoping that we will get a BFP and not have to worry about changing doctors or any of that mess. 

Also, please keep Olive and Fern in your thoughts as they wait for sweet little Goldie while also dealing with pre-e.

2 responses to “TWW #2

  1. I feel bad I didn’t even ask about insem #2 the other day (a little preoccupied). We are thinking about you and hoping, hoping, hoping that this is the one. I’m so glad you’re doing progest. this time. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but we never did day-of ultrasounds, even at fancy clinic. We monitored leading up to the insem but not post-trigger shot or positive OPK.

  2. go TWW# 2 for #2 😉
    may this be the wait you were waiting for. miss you gals (and little guy).
    xxoo mulberry

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