Monthly Archives: June 2010

why hello there…

Wow we have been gone so long.   I am sorry, it is not you guys it is us.    We have been busy and trying to figure out what end is up.   We moved out to Denver which was great in many ways but it was ultimately not where we wanted to end up and so we were faced with the decision to put down roots there knowing that we would up-end our family at some point in the near future or up-end the family now.   We decided to live in the moment.    It was a very hard decision.    It meant leaving cousins and other family, and dear friends.    If you have met Olive and Fern, you know how hard that decision is.    But we have done it.   And we are happy in our little town in Vermont.   Yes. Vermont.    I bet many of you, if you have been following this blog, saw that coming.   We have a lovely little house (and by that I mean huge – it is four bedrooms) and for the first time since either of us have left for college we do not have an apartment number in our address.    Our garden is amazing and I find myself checking in on it in the morning and a night.   H.pants has a job and that has been a huge transition.    We both have not worked in a year.    An amazing thing really since neither of us have a trust fund…. oh trust fund please show up… I have been looking for you.    So yes, by living with family and spending every last dime of our savings we have not worked.    It was awesome and we are having a hard time letting go of retirement.   I will be going back to work soon but I have to do an internship here for 3 days a week before I can be admitted (oh yes, and I must take the bar again this July).    So there are so many changes.     J.pants will go to  daycare two days a week and his nana will care for him the other day.   We are nervous about that, but he is going to do really well.   He loves being around other kids.     Taking a nap without nursing? I don’t know.   Sleep? that is a whole separate post.

I have so much catching up to do.   I have been reading, but not consistently, and i hope to be diving back into that in the next couple of days.