Monthly Archives: August 2009

getting back in the saddle

Olive says I just need to start blogging again.  Of course she said that 3 weeks ago, and of course she is right.   I think that blogging is like all other things in life, if you go out of the habit it is hard to pick back up.   We are here, we have moved, we are all so happy, and we have a two and a half month old baby (how did time pass so fast.)   Vermont is amazing.   I wish everyone could have this time to adjust to having a new baby.   Our days are slow yet so full.    We always manage a walk or a trip out some where.    We have been calling these trips our “adventures” which is a generous term for them.     Jpants is growing so big.   He is in the 85% for hieght and the 75% for weight.    We adore him.   It is a crazy love the love we feel for him.     There is so much to post, I am not getting overwhelmed and I am just going to post this.   Thank you for checking in on us even though we are horrible bloggers right now.    More to come (i hope this is not an empty promise.)