So, you know how sometimes after many conversations with your midwife and loved ones, many thoughts and feelings, and hours of weighing your options you decide to go ahead and induce labor because you are one day short of 42 weeks pregnant and are afraid you will be told you have to have a c-section?  And then you wake up at 5 am, eat a huge breakfast and head out to the hospital only to get a call from your midwife while driving to find out that there are no rooms available at the hospital– they are totally full– so you can’t actually go for your induction right then, but maybe later?  Then you hang out in the Upper West Side most of the day, but no rooms open up, but you may get called before 10 pm to come in, but then you don’t get called in so you have spent the whole day waiting with no result?

Yeah, that happened to us today.

The good news is that we had a biophysical and non-stress test and everything looked great.  Sprout is doing awesome and they don’t think s/he is too big.  We have a plan to try again tomorrow, but honestly, I do not have my hopes up.  This (month long) labor has taught me a lot about not getting too excited or counting on anything until it actually happens.  It could be so much worse and really things have entered the realm of a farce.  We are all (yes, there are still 4 of us- L’s mom has been here for 3.5 weeks and her sister has been back for 1.5 weeks) in pretty good spirits.  It will be a great birth story to tell Sprout every year on his/her birthday.  We have gotten so much love and support, and really, what can we do but just laugh at this point?

We will let you know when there is more to report.

Please let this happen tomorrow.



16 responses to “Ahem.

  1. Wow, what a day you had, I’m hoping for better luck tomorrow! I’m glad you’re laughing! Good luck and lots of love.

  2. what a story!!!

    at least you know that it will all totally be worth it

  3. This is getting nuts. I’m hoping tomorrow brings good news in the form of a Sprout!

  4. oy vey! well this whole process HAS been a lesson in patience for sure. you gals are doing SO well muddling through it, and with such grace.

  5. Good grief! I’m glad you’re all managing to keep your sense of humour about this! Good luck for tomorrow being the day, come hell or high water.

  6. Oh My! I really do hope Sprout comes out today!
    Thinking of you…

  7. Still thinking of you! I gave birth (after induction) on the night I was 42 weeks pregnant (no c-section).

  8. reproducinggenius

    Oh wow! This has really just too much! I sincerely hope that today is the day, but even so, it’s wonderful to read that you’re all in good spirits.

  9. good news about the biophysical and size. absurd about the hospital. good luck for a go tomorrow.

  10. Ladies, I am not a prayimg woman but I am considering changing that for you. Better luck tomorrow I hope. Sending labor thoughts into the universe for you …now…and now….and…

  11. C’mon Sprout! Love to you guys. xo

  12. Wait. Just checking, you guys aren’t still waiting for a BFP from my end before you deliver, are you?? I mean, that was a lovely sentiment, but this is CD1 for me, and you REALLY don’t want to wait ’til I go in for IVF. So get on with it! 🙂

  13. thinking of you today and hoping sprout is on the way!

  14. I’m hoping that no news today is good news. I think Sprout should have a month-long birthday celebration every year because of this ordeal. But what I really hope is that you are holding sprout right now.

  15. Ugh. Fingers crossed that maybe all the waiting now will make things speedy once they get going.

  16. Wow, what an ordeal. Hoping that everything got underway alright and that you are holding your beautiful baby in your arms by now.

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