a missive

Dear baby,

You are getting so big I can hardly call you Sprout anymore.   That nickname seemed so fitting when you were a little lima bean that was swimming in there.    But now I recognise that you are probably feeling like a big kid now.    I certainly know that you are running out of space in there.     I have grown to calling you “the kid” or “chicklet” when I am talking about you to your mom.     Speaking of which we are talking about you all the time.  We would love to know what you are thinking about your landing date.

We welcome you anytime really, although we miss you out here.    We are always getting stuff ready for you, we have been since we knew you were coming to us, but I don’t think there is a thing left for us to do.    We are ready.   Your mom has read the whole Dr. Sears book on babies (we felt like that was maybe what was holding you back – that we had only read books on getting pregnant and birth – if that was the case it is okay, we understand why you would be nervous coming out to parents who did not really know too much about a baby’s needs – but we are ready now).  We are feeling even more confident in our commitment to babywearing after reading this book and although you are a kid now you should know that when you come out you are not going to be alone in this big world.   We are excited to have you to hold.   I have pulled out the breast pump, and I know how to use it… I bring this up to say not that you are going to be bottle fed at the get go dear baby but to say that I have tons of colostrum – you will be fed my chicklet when you get out here – don’t worry.

I am really happy that you have loved being inside so much.   I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that I have loved having you in there.    It has been some of the best moments of my entire life and I love how your existance has already changed my relationship with your mom.    You are lucky to have her you know.    She is so on top of all the details of your care and also mine.     We are really ready for you to be held by her too.    She loves you so much she gets teary talking about you these days.

She is not the only person who is here and waiting for you, your nana is here, she has been here for 3 weeks.    It is wonderful that she is so excited to see you.    It would be so nice for us if she could go home.     Also one of your aunts is here.   She loves you too.

So, I don’t want you to feel pressure.   We are now past when you could be born at the birth center.    I am sure you have felt me crying about this.   I hope that did not stress you out.     I am feeling better about that dear chicklet.    You must have your own mind and I think you are teaching your anal and plan obsessed mama that she should not expect that you will always conform to her ideas.    I get it and I will try my best to remember this lesson.   So I have let go quite a bit my plans for this birth.   That being said, I would really like to not have to have a C-section which means that if you could manage to stay under 10lbs until after our appointment on friday that would be great.    Also if you could just put down your landing gear and arrive before next monday night that would also be great so I do not have be induced.    I would really like you to be very alert and wake when I first meet you dear baby.

I write all of this to say our little chicklet, that we are so ready to meet you and if you are ready come out please do so.    We will work out all the other details as soon as you are here.

We love you so much, beyond words really and we don’t even know your eyes yet, or what your skin feels like, or if you are a boy or a girl.

your mama (and mom too)


11 responses to “a missive

  1. Ah, I’m so sorry that Sprout didn’t make the birth center cut off, that’s disappointing. I do hope that she comes very soon so he can finally meet all those people who love him so much.

  2. wishinghopingpraying

    I am sorry about the birth center. I know you must be disappointed. Dearest Chicklet, please come on out very soon. Your mommies and the internet aunties want to meet and love you.

  3. Chicklet, we all anticipate your safe arrival and would like your mommy to not have to have a C-section to get you out.

    A note about induction (and epidural if it comes down to it)…both did nothing to lessen our baby’s alertness. He came out crying and wide-eyed and ready to suck. And I can’t even remember when he decided to go to sleep 🙂

  4. Chicklet will come out. Somehow and soon. Hang in there. Take care of yourselves!!

    And I agree with Strawberry…..induction and epidural did not make our baby less alert…he was wide eyed and alert (lifting his head up and everything) when he was born.

  5. oh my, come out already little one!

  6. Sounds like you’re running a first rate baby spa in there… that little one just doesn’t want to come out! I hope he or she (I think she :-))decides to end the stay soon and sees that the outside world is just as cozy and love-filled.

    Sorry for the deviation from your birth plan. I know too well how disappointing that is. I had to keep reminding myself the only thing that mattered was the baby at the end, but it was so hard.

  7. Come on little one… definitely has a strong will and mind of its own… lol… hoping for him/her to come on their own for you ladies!!

  8. Seriously holding back a few little tears as I read this – at my desk at work – probably not smart to be doing right?

    What a sweet and lovely post. I think you should just go ahead and read it aloud to your belly and see what happens. I know I would come out if someone read it to me.

    I know the waiting and the last minute changes are so hard but the good news is that s/he is coming and soon. Hopefully much sooner than later.

  9. and chicklet, that dr. sears book on babies is thick! you should totally see it – in fact, the sooner you come out, the sooner you CAN see it!

  10. What a lovely letter to your little one!
    Best wishes on a birth that happens soon and as close to your plan as possible.

  11. reproducinggenius

    What a lucky baby Chicklet is.

    I hope you come out soon, little one! The whole world is waiting to meet you.

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