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Musings on 36 weeks

36 weeks.   whew.   I can’t believe it really.   I am feeling 36 weeks pregnant and the heat that has hit our city has been difficult.   My hands and feet are so swollen.    I have been trying to drink as much water as possible and keep my feet up – but both have not had a huge effect.   We had a very busy weekend with my sisters in town and a shower which was beyond wonderful.    (Post on that to come.)      I think we are all getting ready.   For me it thinking about ending work soon, figuring how to eat and manage heartburn, and needing a large amount of organization.    I still have to say I can’t believe we are at this point of the planning/pregnancy.    For H. it has been dreaming of the birth (she had a dream this weekend that we went to the birth center and it was fithly and had dirty laundry in piles all over it), figuring out what her plan will be with work when the baby is born, and lots of taking care of me.     Sprout for his or her part has been working its way down.   I feel that the baby is moving less and it is easy to feel the baby’s head at the base of my belly.   We both have been a bit worried about the swine flu.   We are not real big worry warts – but I do work with a “vulnerable population” at work and the very first word that there is an outbreak at the jail H and I have decided I am not going back to work.    We have an appointment with our midwife this week and plan to talk about going to disability before the baby is born – I hope she can put some of these worries to rest.     I think there must be a huge hormonal shift going on.    I have been weepy recently, I think alot of it is emotionally feeling overwhelmed by everything that is coming our direction, but I have been clingy and needing lots of reassurance from H.    I think I am like a mama bird getting her nest all ready.   

I also can not help but to say that we are getting close to our due date here people and in all seriousness (and love) I would like to see some more BFPs before our baby comes.    I said to Olive a while ago that it feels strange to be getting ready for our baby to arrive when we don’ t know when theirs will be coming.    I feel the same about many of you.    You know who you are.    My personal deadline is that you all get pregnant before I give birth.   There I said it.   No pressure.


The state of the belly

Here is the most recent belly shot. I am 35 weeks today. I can’t believe it really. I am now walking like a pregnant lady. It is pretty funny to me, but I am getting a bit tired of other people saying I am waddling. There has got to be a better word – I can’t say they are wrong however!!! In other news today is my birthday. I feel pretty low energy about it. I think my whole mind is focused on a different birth day coming up soon.


Boston Creme Donuts

I am obsessed. I never was before these last couple of weeks. I am trying to limit myself to one a day, I really should be limiting myself to one a week.    I make sure I always have a dollar in my wallet so I can buy one at will.   I hope this dissipates after this baby is born.   I really don’t need a donut habit. Really don’t.

Massive update.

Okay it has been forever since either of us have updated – please forgive us.  And please forgive us for a bulleted post there has just been so much going on to have a concise post in any other fashion.

  • We went to go see H’s grandmother.   She is our only living grandparent and we both love her so very much.   Her health has been not great but it was so wonderful to see her doing well – sometimes it is difficult to assess how someone is over the phone.    If we are having a girl we plan to name her after H’s grandmother.     She was really funny about this.    She asked me if I was sure I wanted to name the baby after her.   And after I said yes she said “Well, you know what you are getting yourself into”.    It was funny.    We just love this opinionated and lively 91 year old lady and we would be so grateful if our child turned out like her.
  • While there we also got to see Lizzie.    It was good to leave the retirement community and wonderful to see Lizzie.  We had coffee and walked around her neighborhood.   I am again reminded of how wonderful it is to have the friends we have made through this blog – while we did not expect that outcome we are always grateful for it.   She gave us our pay it forward present.    A really wonderful fleece blanket that Sprout will be so cozy on.   (Eeks we have got to get on our pay it forward presents!)
  • Sprout is doing great.    He/She is head down, kicking all the time, measuring right on the due date, and certainly seems brilliant so far.     We are 33 weeks –  EEEKS.     We are ready, we are ready, we are ready.    I am feeling pretty good.   My hip pain has seemed to get better and really my only complaint is that my heartburn has been pretty bad.   I am always checking to make sure that I have T.ums with me.    My other big pregnancy symptom is that my right br.east has been leaking… it is a bit freaky.    I guess I am happy that it is gearing up to work well – should I worry about my left???
  • We have finished our birth class and really we are thankful to be done.    Our instructor never was able change her language from Mother/Father on any consistent basis.    Our fellow couples were so great and never made us feel awkward but the teacher really did.     When you new york couples are (soon) looking for a birth class in NYC we really encourage you to contact us so you don’t go to the class we did.    I think the BIG lesson learned is to ask more questions such as “have you had same-sex couples in your class?” “have you been to a same-sex couples birth” etc.     Our instructor came to us very highly recommended but from a straight couple and we live in such a liberal place – we just did not think.     We will certainly be asking these sort of questions for the pediatrician, pre-school etc.
  • I think because it has been a little warmer and I have been wearing more form fitting clothes people have been noticing that I am pregnant.    I have been getting tons of comments from people who I see at work only occasionally.  Also, strangely, homeless men have been commenting on my pregnancy status.    2 out of 3 of them have stated that I am having a girl.    This is actually been the general vote from co-workers and friends.    There are so many days when I wished we just knew – although I am pretty sure I would make the same decision to wait if I were to make it again.
  • My mother was in town for the last 6 days.    It was so wonderful to see her and she was able to meet one of our midwives.    I was sad to see her go, although I felt a bit over momed.   I am sure you can relate to that feeling.   She loved feeling this little baby move and it was a lot of baby talk.
  • My sisters and our friends have organized a shower for us in a couple of weeks.    I am excited to celebrate this baby with them.     I am bit more nervous for the shower that is being planned at work.   I really don’t like to be the center of attention.    Although I am sure most people will be coming for the food options.
  • Vermont has legalized same-sex marriage which means that we will be getting hitched this September on the anniversary of our civil union.    H has been talking about how excited she is to say our vows while holding Sprout and I have just been tearing up.    I consider H my wife but I think being legally married will have an affect on how I talk about it.

I am going to try to update more often.  really. xoxo L.