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Lollypop lady

That is what I am starting to look like.   Here we are at 30 weeks, actually going on 31 weeks in a couple of days. photoI have been feeling pretty good.   My hip pain has been pretty bad.  And I finally called a chiropractor on thursday and then of course it has been better since I made the call.    I may cancel my appointment which is not for another week if I continue to feel better since it is not covered by insurance and it seems like it will add up pretty quick.

We have not made much progress on the baby front.   I feel like we go through spurts of productivity.    A really nice co-worker of mine is giving us a bassinet – actually the one that we have always coveted but would never purchase for ourselves.   (She does not have the expansion kit so we will just use it until Sprout is 6 months and then switch to our I.kea crib – which I actually really love.)  We are picking up the bassinet today so I am sure we will do a huge re-shifting today.    i will post pictures if we make any good progress today.

I don’t know if it has made national news but there has been a committee in Vermont that has now decided to let the legislature vote on same-sex marriage.    It is expected to pass at this point and it is possible that Vermont will be performing same-sex marriages by September 1, 2009.   Which means that we might be able to get married on our 3 year civil union anniversary.    A family friend went to the hearing that was held this week by the committee and he wanted to read a statement from us since we could not go to the hearing ourselves.   This is what we wrote:

We are L. and H. and we thank you for allowing our voice to be heard at this hearing.  This September we will celebrate the third anniversary of our wedding celebration held in Peacham.  We were the first couple to apply for a civil union in Peacham, though we would much rather have been applying for a marriage license.  We chose to have our celebration here in Vermont because L. is a proud Vermonter and H., who is from Colorado, has grown to love Vermont as her second home.  It was a wonderful day filled with our family and friends who were so happy to share that special day with us.  L. is now pregnant with our first child, who will be born in May.  We are so humbled and excited to teach our child all about the world, but what we struggle with is how we will explain to him or her that, under the law, our family is not considered equal to those of his or her cousins, the kids in school, or our neighbors.  Not only is this true nationally, but also here in Vermont, where our life as a family began.  This is where L. and I promised to be true to and take care of each other; just as many of you have promised a spouse.  We have the love, the commitment, and soon to be the baby.  All we lack is the equality that we deserve and that our child deserves.  We hope and pray that your actions here will allow us to be the first same sex couple to apply for a marriage license in Peacham.  Thank you.

I am getting really excited about being able to get legally married in my hometown.  I hope that I do not get heartbroken by Vermont.  My mother has sent the most amazingly beautiful letters to her representives asking them to vote for the bill.   I am once again reminded how lucky both H. and I are to be born into our families.   I hope that whoever Sprout is he or she feels as supported by us.

We going to see H’s grandmother who is an amazing women this week.    It is our babymoon of sorts.    It does involve a flight so it will feel like we will be getting away.   I think we are going to go the aquarium and we are hopefully going to see Lizzie which I am excited about.    I am also really excited to only have two days of work this week.   I can’t really complain though – work is so much easier to deal with when you know that you are only going to be there for the next 8 weeks.   I have been finding I am a better worker.   I think my excitement about leaving is cutting right through my burnout.


I look like Mrs. Doubtfire

I am working night court tonight which means that I will be on my feet until 1 am this morning. H being a wonderful wife just come for a visit bearing compression socks because my legs have been hurting when I am on my feet for too long. I keep on laughing to myself when I think of Robin Williams pulling them on. I do have to say they are making my legs feel great.

A better update to come I promise.