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a deep sigh of relief

My gestational diabetes test came back today.   It is NORMAL.   I am happy to hear normal in relation to my body.   Thank you body.   Thank you everyone for the finger crossing.   I think it worked.

13 weeks from now….

This morning I opened up my email and there were my weekly updates from two pregnancy by the week places.    We are at 27 weeks and both of them said that I could expect the baby to make its appearance in about 13 weeks.   I am sorry but holy SH*T 13 weeks is really not that far away!!!   Okay the freak out is done. (sort of.)

Everything is going well.    I have been feeling amazing and really powerful.   Or as I have been embarrassingly finding myself saying:  “I feel like a million bucks.”   Well, all good things have to end at some point I suppose and I have been feeling less like my body can do anything..  my hips in particular have been very sore.    I talked to our birth class instructor and she gave me some referrals for chiropractors who specialize in the pregnant ladies.   I am hoping that one of them can help me out.   

We have been doing a ton of nesting and cleaning.     I have gotten pretty intense about needing the house to be a lot cleaner.     So much so that our vacuum broke on Saturday afternoon (it was actually a bit scary because we think that it had a small electrical fire in the cord) and we were on our way to lo.wes and purchased a new one within 3 hours.    This is really  not like us.    We cleaned out an armoire that I have been using as a closet  and gave it to a friend who just moved.   Which made way for a crib for Sprout.    crib

We still need a mattress but I think this looks like a cozy little place to the baby.    It is on my side of the bed so it should be pretty easy to see and hear the baby all the time.    We are both a little amazed that we have a crib in our house.     That little white dresser is filled with sprout-related items and will eventually be used as a changing table too.   We have gone crazy on diaper buying.    We are going to try to use gdi.apers and bum.genius (although I am sure some disposables will be in use too ).   Our stash is pretty amazing, and we have been buying them all used which has cut down on cost so much.    bum-geniusThese are the bumg.enius.

gdiapers-and-shoesAnd these are the gdi.apers on the left side.    I would love to hear if anyone has used either of these diapering systems and what you thought.    In this drawer there are also some shoes.   We are particularly proud of these shoes because we made them two weekends ago.   shoesWe have been working on a quilt for Sprout too, but we are not really at a photo documentation stage yet.  

We have finished our second week of the Brad.ley class.    It is going well.    It is very difficult to be the only lesbian couple in the class, particularly for H.    The teacher is somewhat aware that not everyone in her class is heterosexual – for instance she makes a big effort to say partner instead of men or husband but then in the last class she read a passage about the power of male and female energy  in birth which made H and I feel left out of the class.   We need to talk about this with each other a lot more, and I am thinking that we are gearing up to have a conversation with her.   

I am always so impressed with how much Sprout likes to move.     We discovered this weekend that when I spoon H with my belly to her back she can feel the kicking.     I am waiting to hear back from our midwifes about if I passed the gestational diabetes test.    Please have your fingers crossed for us!!!

Paying it forward (an update to come).

Lizzie posted this on her blog and I won.    I am so excited to be doing this.    I have been in uber crafty mode and so has H.    We have actually transformed our whole table into a crafting table (which is a big commitment of space in a NYC apartment).     I am really excited to be able to make something for 3 of you guys.   Please let me know in your comment if you would like it to be baby related or not (I have some great ideas on both fronts)…

Here are the rules:

1. Be one of the first three people to leave a comment on this post, which entitles you to something handmade by me (something crafty or yummy).

2. Winners must post this challenge on their own blog, meaning that you will Pay It Forward, and send handmade goodies to three more folks, the first three who leave a comment on your blog.
3. The gift that you send your first three commenters can be from any price range, and you have 365 days to make & ship your item. (This means that you should be planning to keep your blog at least until you’ve received your gift and sent your gifts.) And remember, it’s the spirit and the thought that count!
4. When you receive your gift, feel free to blog about it, and share the Linky Love. If you’re not one of the first three commenters on this post, you can still play. Just create a Pay It Forward post on your own blog, and start your own chain. And encourage your blogging friends to play along.
Okay comment away!!

For all you New Yorkers out there…

I just saw this in the New York Times.

The man that sells peelers on the street, Joe Ades, died on Sunday.  It is amazing that in a city so big, one person can stand out and be “known” by so many.


Here is a link to the story.

umm. hi

my name is L.   Let me introduce myself.   I am blogger who used to write with some frequency. I am a pregnant lady whose partner in crime said to me this weekend  – “so do you think you are going to write on the blog again”.      ummm.    I don’t know what happened.   I have things to say, tons, I just don’t know were to start.     I am an internal processor, which I guess makes it weird that I wanted to have a blog; but, I do want to keep writing on this blog.    Here are things that I have been thinking a ton about.

1.  our multiple big transitions:   Let me be clear, we wanted both of them, but I am so overwhelmed by it all.   Money, moving, motherhood – the 3 Ms are all freaking me out a bit.    I keep telling myself this is normal, and then I tell myself again at 4:30 when it seems my body NEEDS to wake up to process this all.

2. Birth:   I am starting to really think about what I want this birth to look like.    I have been reading Ina May Gaskins book Guide to Natural Childbirth.    And I am excited.    I highly recommend this book.    We are going to our birth centers class this weekend and then the weekend after that we are starting our Brad.ley class.   I am ready to talk about birth so much.   I am sort of done with people telling me I am crazy to want to have a natural childbirth.   Don’t people see the problem with saying to a pregnant lady “You are crazy to want to have a natural birth – it is going to be so painful”.    I particularly love hearing it from men.

3. Work:   I have been thinking of it a bit, mainly because I have not been there because I have called to Jury Duty service last week and this week.   I love being a juror.   I am a dork, I am a lawyer, and it all makes me happy.     But work, I am trying to figure out what it means when your dream job is no longer your dream job.   And how to figure out my recent need to make more money.    I have managed to be only slightly bitter about my salary until now at 6 months pregnant and it is something i think about a lot.   I want to provide for my family, and I made a decision 6-7 years ago that means my salary is one 1/5 of what it would be if I had made the opposite decision.     Now H. reminds me that we would not have the same relationship if I had decided to go into corporate law, but still I am dying to feel more financially secure.     I know this is wrapped up in pregnancy somehow.

4. Sprout:   It is hard not to think of this little kicker.    We are 24 weeks, viability legally and medically.    I have tried not be a worrywart about things, but I have to say that I was so happy when I got the email today that I am officially in 24 weeks.     Sprout is a ninja, a swimmer, a dancer and a fish.    The movement is so so wonderful.    I love feeling him or her.    People have started to guess what I am having.   I think it is really fun.   Most people think I am having a girl, although there has been a good amount of boy votes.   I have been dreaming of sprout and most of the time sprout is a girl and the rest of the time gender nutraul.     H and I have been talking about names, what do you guys think about having 4 names?  first, middle, middle and last (not hypenated).    Is it too much.    I am person who has been called by her middle name since birth, so I know that having a different name is sometimes challenging.   Will we be burdening our child to much if they have two middle names?

5.  The glucose test.   It is 15 days.   I would be lying if I did not feel like this was the final countdown.   I am nervous.   I have not been the best about my eating.   Although, I eat very well I was going to go on boot camp diet for the test and I have not.    I am waiting for my body to let me down on this.   I wonder when I will get back the confidence that my body will do the right thing.     I lost that feeling in TTCing…not so much from our tries exactly (we actually did pretty good – an aggressive 4 tries) but from everything that led up to our actual inseminations.   Okay really that whole cancer scare business and surgery – I am wondering when I am going to recover from that.

okay,   I want to write more on all fronts.    H is calling me, dinner is ready and I have some wii fit to play (which is pretty funny and a bit hard to figure out what excercises are good when you are pregnant.

It feels good to write, I knew it would.