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So things have been going pretty well around here.  Last weekend we traveled to VT to hang out with L’s family, which was really great.  We took up a whole load of stuff that we will need when we live there this summer, so that felt good.  This included a regular crib and a folding crib that we will take to L’s dad’s house.  We aren’t sure if we will be able to travel there again before Sprout is born so we really wanted things pretty much set.  We set up the crib and in general set up the room we will be using (which is L’s sister’s room, but she is letting us stay in it since L’s room is up a very treacherous stairway and not near a bathroom/source of water).  Here is a picture of the room.


These are the views from the two windows.  Notice the lack of city.  Can’t you almost smell the fresh air?



We had received a bunch of white shirts and onsies so we decided to dye some of them and L’s mom’s house is a much better place to do this than our apartment so we did that while we were there too.  Here is  a sample of the finished products.


L has been feeling Sprout moving all the time.  I am now able to feel Sprout move too, which is amazing.  I am so excited and love Sprout so much, and last week was struck by a feeling that L is so lucky that she gets to be with Sprout all the time.  It was sort of strange.  I am not jealous, just realize how amazing it is that she gets to always feel and be with Sprout.  Our plan has always been to have more than one, and for a while I wasn’t sure if I would want to carry or not, but now I really feel like I want to.    

From the beginning of this process we have gone back and forth about whether we would want to use the same donor for each child.  For a long time we thought we would use different donors, but then we decided we would try to use the same one, for a variety of reasons.  Of course, because we do not have a ready supply of sperm, our to-do list has included “Buy sperm” for a few months now.  It is hard because it is so expensive and we actually need that money in our current lives.  It is weird to have to plan so far in advance and drop so much money for future events.  Anyway, we bit the bullet, and bought a bunch of sperm yesterday.  Our donor is leaving the program and we bought almost all that they had left.  Hopefully it will be enough, but if not we will deal with it when we get there.  I feel relieved that we got that done though.  To be honest, L and I are not always the most responsible people; sometimes things slip through the cracks a bit.  I had a fear that we  wouldn’t get our act together and we would call to find out it was too late and there was no more left.  Luckily, we got it together just before that happened.  Phew.  

Our birth class stats in two weeks!  I am really excited about it.  I am also excited because I just learned that we have chosen the same method (Bradley) as the Duggars.  Excellent.


The belly is overtaking the boobs

It looks like it is really going to happen. Here is my belly at 21 almost 22 weeks.

p.s. I am pretty proud of myself. I figured out how to post from my phone!!!

As promised…new u/s pictures



Sorry it is so small, it got too blurry when it was larger.


Notice the tiny hand on the side of the face.  A little thinker!

Bulleted post

There is a lot to say so in the interest of attempted brevity I am going to go bullet style:

  • Last week we had our 20 week anatomy scan.  Sprout was perfect, but our overall experience was terrible.  The u/s tech was really rude, would not tell us what we were seeing, even after L asked her, and would not let us hear the heartbeat for more than a second.  Also, she would not give us any pictures to take home.  The doctor came in and was with us for about 5 minutes, during which he barely spoke to us and then told us we needed to come back for more pictures.  L had to ask him if there was a problem with the baby, to which he said no, but it would have been nice if he had thought to tell us that FIRST.
  • We were both sad after the appointment.  L cried in the lobby of the hospital.  It was far less than we were expecting.  My mama bear came out and I filed a formal complaint with the hospital.  The doctor called us back to talk about the complaint and L’s mama bear came out and she told him our experience was unacceptable.  He apologized many times and scheduled us to come back to have another u/s with a different tech.  Watch out world if you dare screw with Sprout– it will be a mama bear tag team!!
  • L started feeling Sprout moving about a month ago, and it has been steadily getting stronger and more frequent.  I felt movement for the first time on Sunday and again on Monday.  It is amazing.
  • Our u/s rematch was this morning and it was a lot better.  The tech was really nice and she gave us a proper “tour” of Sprout.  She also gave us about 1000 pictures, three of which are in the following post.  She said that Sprout is very active and looks perfect.
  • We have been gathering things off of the awesome parenting classifieds in our neighborhood.  We bought a mose$ basket this week for our time in VT so that Sprout can take a nap downstairs during the day, instead of being upstairs in our room out of hearing distance.  It is adorable and our cats think it is for them.  There is always someone sleeping in it.  You will find a pic of the kitties in action below.
  • We are heading to VT this weekend with a load of stuff.  We will be traveling with one folding crib, one regular crib (from Ike@), one free crib mattress (not organic- we have been debating how concerned to be about that), a suitcase of clothes, the mose$ basket (poor cats), and a baby play mat that one of L’s coworkers gave her.  Sheesh. 
  • I have started telling more co-workers about Sprout.  I might make an announcement in the staff meeting next week.  I am a little nervous because I work with a lot of born-again Chxstians.  I am not sure how it will go and I fear some of their reactions and questions.  I have spoken with my boss about my concerns and she was supportive.  She is also pregnant and we decided to have a joint baby shower so neither of us are the center of attention.  The added benefit for me is that people have to celebrate both of us, or neither of us.  Ha.
  • One of L’s best friends from college was just in town and stayed with us for 3 nights.  It was really fun to have her and she was an effortless, close to perfect house guest.  We hadn’t seen her for a couple of years and it still felt like we had just hung out last week.  So nice.
  • We just attended a baby shower for one of L’s work friends.  Everyone there congratulated me on Sprout and told me how happy they are for L and I.  It was really nice.  They could not have been more supportive and inclusive.  In fact, one of L’s friends took me aside (along with the father whose baby shower it was and another of L’s work friends who recently knocked-up his girlfriend) to give us a parenting lesson on how she had to talk with her 15 year old son about where in the house it is appropriate to masturb*te.  It made me really happy that Sprout will not start off as a 15 year old.

I think that is it.  I knew it wouldn’t actually be brief, but aren’t we all glad I went with bullets at least? 

sweet sweet mose$ basket

Let my anxiety commence!!!

This is week 20!  L is really starting to show and overall things are going very well.  We have the anatomy scan on Thursday, which we are both looking forward to.  We are not going to find out the sex of the baby, even though we are both curious.  While it is tempting to find out as much as we can about this little Sprout, we have agreed that we want to be surprised when Sprout makes his/her big appearance in May.

So, the aforementioned anxiety… this week we are half way to the birth (give or take).  Holy F.  I feel like we have so much to do before then and I am starting to freak out.  We have  mentioned here that we have been given a ton of hand-me-downs and they have been piling up all over the house; bags stuffed into every unclaimed corner of the apartment.  This weekend, we decided it was time to go through all of it and sort it into sizes, determine if we have any gaps, and put stuff away.  (L is holding pictires of this process hostage on her phone while she is in court today so I can’t show you what it looked like right now. )  It was great to get this done, it was fun, and also incredibly overwhelming.

In this process one focuses so hard on each step on the journey.  When we were TTC, that was obviously the consuming, sole focus, since L has been pregnant, that has been the focus.  As we were putting the tiny clothes into their own drawer it really hit home that in a few months we  are going to have a little person to put into these clothes.  It’s not like I didn’t know we were going to get a baby at the end of this, but so far, it has been pretty dreamy and hypothetical.  Now we have baby socks and shoes (thanks Olive and Fern!) and about a hundred onsies and tiny jean shorts.  I just kept saying to L, “you know, having a baby is a HUGE responsibility.  Like forever.  The rest of our lives.”  Luckily my sweet wife is the nicest person ever, and did not get annoyed that I was a broken record.  Of course, I am enormously grateful that we are where we are, and I already love Sprout so much (I loved Sprout before s/he was even conceived), but the reality of the situation is sinking in.  And I know I can’t even fully grasp how our lives will change once Sprout arrives.  EVERYTHING will be different.  I mean literally– our plan is to pack up after Sprout is born, move to Vermont for a few months to hang out with L’s mom, and then move to my home town (AKA, the Mile High City).  We have managed to take two stressful life events- moving across the country with no jobs and having our first baby – and combined them into one giant plan.  Yes! 

I think I just need to get things into perspective.  Sure, May is around the corner, but it is not actually tomorrow.  Everything will get done and everything will be fine.  I just need to take a deep breath and keep repeating that to myself.  Everything will be fine… everything will be fine… everything will be fine…